How to Stop Hudak and Elect the Most Progressive Government Possible in Ontario.

Progressives are naturally worried about a PC government under total knuckle dragger Tim Hudak. He `promises¨ fewer teachers and support workers paid lower wages doing more work. He is even promising a regime worse than the Harris government. Let¨s start with a few givens.


1. Hudak would be an unmitigated disaster for education, for teachers. For support workers, for students and parents.

2. The Liberals clearly do not deserve re-election not only due to corruption and privatization but due to Bill 122 and Bill 115 and their attacks on teachers.

3. The NDP is unlikely to win and particularly unlikely to form a majority

4. An NDP seat is better than a Liberal seat and a Liberal seat is better than a Tory seat.

5. Seats are not equal. There are safe seats and swing seats. The vote % has only moved slightly since the last election so barring a monumental blunder, the shift will be small. Hudak MAY have blundered that badly but too early to say.

The polls are all over the map but here are results of the last election and aggregated polls.


        In other words to date, anything can happen.

       The NDP can gain in this election but also has seats that need to be protected.

       NDP Gain or Hold


To hold Off Hudak the Following Liberals are vulnerable,

and need help

It looks at this point like a status quo election with Hudak in trouble if he does not win a majority. He will have a great deal of difficulty finding a dance partner for any of his insane 100 000 lay-offs plan. Still if he wins the most seats by far, some Liberals may feel he deserves a `care-taker¨ government. More likely a Liberal/NDP shot gun marriage will be arranged to keep the Hudak PCs out.

Not that the Liberals deserve or have earned ANY support but in some seats above, some voters may want to cast a strategic vote.

Actually believing the Liberals were sincere about their defeated budget takes a totally naïve political sucker.

Voters should have two objectives. 1) Keep Hudak out. 2) Maximize the number of NDP seats as a bulwark against reactionary policy from any government.


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